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Parallax Ecommerce is mainly a multi-vendor marketplace platform that can allow you to create an eCommerce marketplace with multiple vendors. Through this software, you can create a marketplace where vendors can sell their products and services. So, the Parallax Ecommerce multi-vendor eCommerce website and the app can assist to manage the entire activities of an eCommerce business.

What Is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?
A multi-vendor marketplace is a virtual marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their goods and services as well as customers can conduct their buying and selling process through the internet. The multi-vendor eCommerce website can provide the opportunity to create a marketplace which can assist you to manage online order, multiple vendors, product management, CRM system, stock management, and so on.

Parallax Ecommerce is an eCommerce website that can allow you to build a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. This eCommerce platform provides a complete solution for managing eCommerce business activities smoothly and efficiently. So, Parallax Ecommerce is the best multi-vendor eCommerce platform to create an online marketplace.

Working Process of Parallax Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Software

Software Design of Parallax Ecommerce

Software Design According to Your Requirements
Based on your requirements, we will design the multi-vendor marketplace software as well as you will get some essential features in this system.

Customization of working process

You can customize the entire software as per your demand. You just need to put the required information according to your requirements.

  • Role Permission Setup
  • Commission Setup
  • Payment Method Setup
  • Shipping Method Setup
  • Merchant Collection of Parallax Ecommerce
  • Merchant Collection
You need to collect and add the merchants by dealing commission rate or the merchants can register in your system if they agree with your policies.

CRM of Parallax Ecommerce
After collecting merchants, it comes to the customer management to sell the products and you can conduct the entire CRM system through the Parallax Ecommerce software.

Parallax Ecommerce Marketing of Website
The Parallax Ecommerce software can assist to market your product as well as your website by affiliating, social Ads and SEO through the features of it.

Parallax Ecommerce Order Management
Finally, it comes to take the orders and handle them in an efficient way and deliver them in the fastest way through the Parallax Ecommerce software.
Why Would Parallax Ecommerce Software Be the Ultimate Choice for All Multi-Vendor eCommerce Entrepreneurs?

Parallax Ecommerce Ready Made Platform
Parallax Ecommerce is completely ready-made software, you just need to purchase it. After purchasing, we will install it on your server. Then, you can use it according to your preference and you won't have to worry about any theme and plugin setup.

Parallax Ecommerce Easy to Customization
Before purchasing this eCommerce marketplace, if you provide us with your full requirements, then we will design this software according to your demand. After purchasing this system, you can easily replace the demo content.

Parallax Ecommerce SEO Friendliness
Most of the eCommerce marketplace does not provide the option to customize the canonical URLs. But you can get such kinds of facilities through this system as well as it has a Google Analytics feature that will impact your site SEO.

Parallax Ecommerce Quick Checkout
This system will ensure a secure and quick checkout process that will enhance the interest of your customers. Also, this system will capture the optimum authentication details of the customers to minimize risk, so you will need not worry about security.

Parallax Ecommerce Smooth Billing
Here, you will get an accurate accounts management system that will ensure a smooth billing process as well as this software can be able to generate a complete invoice automatically. So, it will save your time and enhance the user experience.

Parallax Ecommerce Enhance Conversion Rate
Through this software, you can easily increase your website traffic by providing advertisement, product review, social sharing, and affiliate marketing that will enhance the customer conversion rate. As a result, you can boost up your business sales by using this system.

Essential Modules of Parallax Ecommerce: Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software
In this section, we will explore the essential modules of Parallax Ecommerce multi-vendor eCommerce shopping cart software.
  • Parallax Ecommerce Dynamic Dashboard
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Dashboard is one of the essential modules for all business because it helps to represent the overall aspects of your system. With this module, you can get a real-time update of the entire system. It can be able to capture lifetime orders, total order, total customer, total sale, products, and merchants.
Moreover, the order status, invoice order, and shipping overview is graphically represented and district wise shipping overview is listed in this module. Also, you will get a list of all pending orders according to the order no. So, this module can assist you to easily observe the entire system.

Product Management
  • Order status
  • Invoice order
  • Pending order
  • Shipping overview
This software has a complete product management system. With this module, you can add products by completing simple 5 steps. You need to upload products by filling up the required information, then you have to put the image, title, description, and specification of each product through this module.
With this module, you can manage all of your products and change the status. Before adding any product, you have to add Category, Brand, Variant, and unit. Moreover, the merchants can also upload their products through the merchant panel with this module.

Customer Management
This one is the most crucial module for any multi-vendor eCommerce business. With this module, you can add your customers and it will provide an unique ID for all customers. When any customer completes their registration to sign in on your website, this module automatically stores the information and you can easily tackle them from your end. Moreover, this module can allow you to change the order status and observe the details of each customer.
  • Add customer
  • Manage customer
  • Customer details
Merchant Management
As the Parallax Ecommerce is multi-vendor eCommerce software, it's obvious to have a vendor management system. Thus, this one is one of the essential modules in your business and this module can allow you to add multiple vendors and manage them properly.
To add any merchant, you need to fill up some required information such as name, email, contact, business name, identification no and more. Also, you can provide your requirements to add any merchant to your business. If the merchant agrees with your policies, then they can apply and you can approve with this module.
  • Add merchant
  • Manage merchant
  • Merchant policy
Order Management System of Parallax Ecommerce
When you start an eCommerce business, you definitely need a dynamic order management that can be able to handle order taking and managing like shipping agent fixation, order status update, and so on. Also, this software can allow you to take a pre-order as well as you can manage easily through this module.

Here, you will also get an order tracking system that can ensure smooth and secure order processing for your customers. Also, this system can allow your customers to track their orders through their individual panel. So, this module will be very effective for the owner and the customer both.
  1. Pre-order system
  2. New order
  3. Manage order
  4. Order tracking

Stock Management System
For all eCommerce businesses, stock or inventory is the central element because without knowing the current status of your stock, you can not conduct any kind of buying and selling for your business. So, you need a complete stock management system to get a real-time update of your stock.

The Parallax Ecommerce software has an effective stock management system that will provide a real-time update of your stock. Moreover, you can easily understand the current sock, lifetime restocks, wastage, last stock, the total number of sold-out according to the product name.
  • Current stock
  • Sold out
  • Wastage
Parallax Ecommerce Invoice Generator
Invoice Generator
This software provides another significant module namely invoice. If you manually create an invoice, then it will be very time-consuming and there is a huge possibility of any kind of error. To resolve such kinds of difficulties, Parallax Ecommerce software provides an accurate invoicing system.

In this module, you just need to provide the required information, and then it will generate an individual invoice automatically. Also, you can get a comprehensive list of all invoices according to the order no and customer name as well as update any invoice if required.
  • New invoice
  • Manage invoice
  • Updated invoice
Account Management
Here, you will get an accurate account management system that can assist you to conduct the overall payment process easily. This module can allow you to complete the payment to the merchant. Also, it will generate a detailed list of the entire cash-flow including total sale, total commission, total paid and unpaid according to the merchant.

With this module, you can quickly provide the payment to the merchant just by clicking on the Pay Now button. So, this module can be able to manage the entire payment process as well as generate an accurate payment report according to the merchant name.

  • Add payment
  • Manage payment
  • Payment reports
  • Parallax Ecommerce Account Management

Parallax Ecommerce Commission Set up System
Commission Set up System
This one is one of the significant modules for any multi-vendor eCommerce business. With this module, you can add commission rates based on the category of product for the merchants. Also, you can oversee the entire list and update any commission rate as well as it can allow you to keep the commission status active or inactive.

Moreover, this module can provide a complete report that will help you to understand the discount and commission rate based on the individual merchant, product, and category. So, it will save your time and you can efficiently deal with the merchants.
  • Add commission
  • Manage commission
  • Commission report

Affiliate System
The most indispensable advantage of any eCommerce software is the affiliate system. This multi-vendor eCommerce software provides the opportunity of affiliation with the help of this module.

With this module, you can provide a three-level affiliation system depending on the category of product and fixing on the commission type. Moreover, you can keep a record of all affiliate users according to a unique affiliate ID through this module.

This module can be able to generate the overall earning history of level 1, level 2, and level 3 commission rates according to the affiliate ID. Also, you can conduct the tracking according to the affiliate ID and perform the payout process easily with this module.
  • Add commission
  • Manage commission
  • Commission report
  • Manage user
  • Earning history
  • Tracking history
  • Payout
Parallax Ecommerce Delivery Management
The Parallax Ecommerce software has an integral delivery management system that can allow you to add the delivery locations as well as get an extensive list of all locations. Moreover, you can fix the delivery charge according to the delivery location with this module. Also, you can specify the payment method depending on the shipping location.
  • Add location
  • Manage location
  • Add delivery
  • Manage delivery
  • Shipping method
Real-time Sales Reports
For all businesses, it is mandatory to make an accurate report because your business report can help you to easily observe your business performance. In this regard, this multi-vendor software provides another exclusive module that will generate the entire reports on every aspect of your business.

With this module, you can easily inspect the overall sales report according to order, shipping, and delivered product with the graphical view. Also, it can be able to generate merchant wise sale reports as well as you can easily understand the order details report and sales details report through this module.
  • Sales overview report
  • Sales details report
  • Order details report
  • Merchant sell report
App Integration of Parallax Ecommerce
Integrate Your eCommerce Business with Parallax Ecommerce App
In this Parallax Ecommerce software another remarkable advantage is you will get the facility to integrate an app with your business. This is undoubtedly a significant advantage of any eCommerce business because it may greatly increase your sales.

Through this app, your customer can place their order and easily complete the checkout process from anytime and anywhere. Also, it has some noteworthy features that will make your business more impressive to your customers.
  • Easy to Login & Registration
  • Product Filtering & Sorting System
  • Shopping Cart & Wishlist System
  • Secure Checkout Process
  • Order Details & Tracking and more!

General Features
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Laravel based PHP script
  • B-B-C eCommerce
  • B-C eCommerce
  • Multi-Vendor System
  • Dynamic Homepage

Standard eCommerce
  • Smart Cart System
  • Compare Product
  • Wishlist
  • Featured Product
  • Today’s Deal
  • Flash Deal
  • Discount
  • Shipping Cost
  • Product Tax
  • Variant Based Stock
  • Variants Product Price
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Smart Checkout
  • Suggestive Search
  • Customer Review
  • Product Video
  • Pickup Point
  • Coupon
Social Media Login & Sharing
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • Twitter Login

Multiple International Payment Gateways
  • PayPal payment
  • Stripe payment
  • Razorpay payment
  • Instamojo payment
  • Paystack payment
  • Voguepay payment
  • Cash on delivery
Shipping Option
  • Free Shipping
  • Pickup Point
  • Flat Rate

Laravel Based PHP Script
This script has been developed using the Laravel framework version 5.8 of PHP. In this system for frontend bootstrap version 4 and backend bootstrap version 3 are used.
  • Frontend
  • Admin
  • Seller Panel
Responsive Design
Super responsive for all available devices. All pages, all attributes are properly designed for any size of device like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. The whole layout is available to fit for any size of screen.

B-B-C eCommerce Model
The main business system in this script is B-B-C. That means Business-Business-Customer system. This system can manage third step business operations without any hassle.

B-C eCommerce System
Besides the B-B-C system there is another wonderful feature is this system can turn to only B-C means Business-Customer system at any time. Customers will get only inhouse products.

Payment Options
Secure and fast payment gateway system allows to move money as easy as possible.We are using the most popular international payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Instamojo, Razorpay, Paystack & SSLCOMMERZ for user payments.

Dynamic Homepage
Homepage setup is very much easy. To set all sections, image, banners, select categories, etc are available on the admin panel. To make the homepage more flexible & attr admin can use multiple banners and slider images.

Multiple Options
You can make your page as you want through multiple options such as language, currency & color theme.

Social Media Options
Social media login(Facebook, Google, Twitter) and Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, In1, StumbleUpon, Digg) make your business more vibrant.

  • Price 4990/-
  • Pos Machine 5500/-
  • Grand Total 10490/-

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