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Newspaper 360 is the most popular PHP newspaper script, magazine, blog, video newspaper, newspaper CMS that is developed on the CodeIgniter framework. It is a dynamic news portal software for the online news portal. It has multiple themes which will make your newspaper more attractive to the user. To make your work fast and easy Newspaper 360 has a user-friendly admin panel. The responsible website of Newspaper 360 can be browsed from any device.

Artistic Website
Newspaper 360 has a very attractive front-end website. The photo slider make it charming.

User-friendly admin
The admin-panel of Newspaper 360 is so easy that anyone can learn within very short time.

Multiple theme
Newspaper 360 has multiple theme installed. You can active one of them of your choice.

Newspaper 360 The Smart Way of Publishing
Publishing is a big factor if you want to work in the newspaper industry because you have to publish frequently. For this, you will need a flexible system so that you can publish and monitor quickly without any hassle. Newspaper 360 has a system that can speed up your work, magazine, and blog site. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this News Portal CMS Platform. Also, it is very easy to use this News Portal CMS Platform for all the people who own a news agency or portal. This News Portal CMS Platform is fully responsive and designed to look great on every major device. Also with 5 different layouts, design your website as you like. You can also add videos to your content. Make video news, add images, and make your post more resourceful.

Key Features Of Newspaper Script
The Front-end is the main attraction of an online news portal. The Newspaper 360 has a stunning front-end with dynamic blocks. With the photo and video slider, you can make your website charming.

News posting panel
Posting new news on your website, you just have to go to the News module then add a new post. You will find all tools including multiple languages to create customized news. There is an option to upload images and also take them from the library. You can also use multiple images in a single post. Spell-checker, table, text formatting is also integrated into the news posting panel. There is a news list in this module. You will find all the previously posted news on the news list. Editing and deleting options are also available here.

  1. News posting panel for PHP Newspaper Script
  2. Newspaper Script Fully Responsive Design
  3. Fully Responsive Design
  4. Newspaper 360 Theme is designed for all News and blogging platforms and all types of Devices in the World.

Media Library
To keep all your images in a single place, Newspaper 360 has a library. You will find all of your images here. You can use the same image twice without uploading. All the images are located in the list of images.
  1. Media Library for PHP Newspaper Script
  2. Newspaper Script Social Media Sharing
  3. Social Media Sharing
  4. Social Media is going to a part and parcel of your modern life. To increase your news portal popularity social media sharing is very important. There are 3 social media shares integrated with Newspaper 360. Anyone can share news directly from the icon on the left side.

Advertisement is an important part of a news portal. Newspaper 360 has nicely arranged 8 positions in the home page and 4 positions on the category page. There is also an advertisement management system in the admin-panel of Newspaper 360. You can verify your image size in the management system.
Users need a menu to navigate different pages on a website. To ensure better user experience, we keep the menu in 4 different places. The user doesn’t need to scroll up to navigate, they will get a menu in the footer and sidebar also. All the menu name and position is customizable.

There is a comment section below every news article. Anyone can place a comment with an email address and name. But the comment could be good or bad. To manage those comments, the Newspaper 360 admin-panel has a comment module. You can manage which comment to show and which not.
The page is important for any website. Every online news portal needs pages to show the news of different categories. You can create pages in Newspaper 360 as many as you want. All the pages have multiple places for advertisement.

Reporter Login
There is a reporter login system in Newspaper 360. Admin can add a news reporter from the admin panel. After adding a reporter can login to the report panel and post news. But the reporter’s news needs admin permission to publish on the website.

Newspaper 360 has a dynamic subscription system. Users can select which category news he/she wants as a newsletter. There is a list subscriber with email and phone number in the admin panel. You can easily manage them all.

Analytics will help you to measure your website's popularity. There is a module in Newspaper 360 for analytics. You can see how many people are reading your news portal right now. You can also filter the analytics result by country and news.
You can add, edit, and delete the category and place it anywhere on the Theme. It also has a Category page.

Breaking news
They have a very clean and eye-catching Breaking News System which displays every second.

Contact us Page
Newspaper 360 has a contact us page here where the user can add his direct contact google maps and number.

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  • Grand Total 4990/-

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